Residential Junk Removal

Recover Right is in the business of “junk removal” or “junk hauling”. We are officially known as a waste hauler and specialize in the removal of trash. For instances where space around your property is limited we are also a convenient bagster and dumpster rental alternative. We donate or recycle everything we collect! We are fully licensed and insured so point to the mess and we will take care of the rest. We even sweep up afterwards! Se habla español mas o menos bien. Botamos basura por favor llamanos! What we do/remove:

* Residential Junk hauling                  * Screened Enclosure Removal
* Commercial/Office Junk removal   * Property Clean Up
* Remodeling/Construction Debris   * Garage Clean Out
* Eviction clean up                                * Estate clearance
* Hoarding clean up                             * Shed/Hot Tub Removal
* Yard waste removal

If you don’t see what you’re looking for in this list please feel free to give us a call and we will be more than happy to help you. We will also take away any unwanted family members (special rates may apply)….J/K! Give us a call! (305) 922-0353 We appreciate your business!

*A little known fact. There is actually a difference between Trash and Garbage. Garbage is food and other refuse that comes from your kitchen or bathroom. Trash is everything else, excluding hazardous materials such as paint, fertilizers and other types of household chemicals. Now you’re in the know. Pretty cool huh?

Several building during daylight in Downtown Miami

Commercial Junk Removal

Owning a junk removal company we understand that at the end of the day there isn’t much time left over to spend on things that are unrelated to your business. Stay focused on what makes YOU money and let US clean up your business or office of any unwanted junk. What we do/remove:

*Cubicles                  *Computer Racks
*Office Furniture    *Outdated Office equipment
*Filing Cabinets      *Storage Unit Clean out

Not only do we take away unwanted office junk but we can also take apart your cubicles as well as remove any outdated computer equipment taking up valuable space. For those businesses with data centers, we are also capable of removing large computer racks. Let us give you back the space you need. Give us a call (305) 922-0353.

What We Pick Up

We haul away almost any Junk or trash as long as it is non-toxic and not hazardous. The list below shows some of the general junk items we remove, but give us a call to discuss your specific junk removal needs. (305)-922-0353


Commercial / Office

Foreclosure Cleanout

Estate Clearance

Construction Debris

Yard Waste

Scrap Metal

Shed / Hot Tub

Hoarding Cleanup

We do not haul hazardous materials.

Junk Removal Estimates and Pricing

Get your junk removal needs taken care of in three easy steps!


Give us a call to set up a time and place that works best for you.


We’ll come take a look at your junk and give you a free estimate.


After we agree on a price we will gladly haul away all your unwanted items and even sweep up afterwards

To make it simple we have three price points:

Our Minimum Charge is $120


Half Truck Load Starting at $250


Full Truck Load starting at $495


Our junk removal estimates are also based on load type.
There are two types of loads:

By Volume

Volume loads consist of things that take up a lot of space but do not necessarily weigh a lot.

By Weight

Weight loads consist of things that may or may not be bulky and are reasonably heavy.

Disposal fees are calculated per ton so we have to charge a bit more for weight loads. Whether it’s a weight load or a volume load, our truck is still larger than some of our biggest competitors, which means we charge less but take away more.
Our truck is comparable to a 21 yard dumpster.

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